Donnerstag, Oktober 27, 2005

Gone until my DSL works

Dear friends, readers, colleagues, brothers and sisters,
I will be gone until my DSL has been connected to my new phone line.
I managed to get a few days off from work.In this short period of time I will clean up and possibly paint my old flat (I have to give over the keys on Tuesday next week, I guess...). With an upcoming, unexpected wistfulness. I could never imagine that this would happen... but six years of living there left their footprints... No more making fire in your flat leaves you dependent on the good-will of others and the functionality of the heatingsystem.

Another mission is to send some applications to my favourate future employers... So it's a good time to cross your fingers for me once again.
Actually I really have to find a hotspot... to download the many mails I received in the last three weeks.

So there may be a chance I will say hello once in a while.
Have a nice time and take care.