Dienstag, September 06, 2005

My Parhip-Test-Results
(dating service found at spiegel-online english version)

Head, heart or instinct? This result suggests that you are able to demonstrate a great deal of empathy (67%) towards your friends and colleagues and always like to lend a listening ear to their worries and concerns. You are very sensitive and so your involvement is always appreciated. As well as that, you have no problem trusting your own judgment (behaviour determined by instinct constitutes 22% of your character profile). Indeed, you are more likely to make a decision on the spot (without going through all the ins and outs in a categorical way) because you have such confidence in your own abilities.

Searching for a partner... You possess the ability to get on well with people through your outgoing manner and your immediate understanding of their emotional needs. You are a lively and interesting companion. However, to be completely successful in a relationship, you might need to come to terms with the need for greater rational consideration of problems and issues before they can be confronted. This might help you to approach things in a more sober, objective way.

Handling conflict... Your profile reveals two characteristics that make you very popular amongst friends and colleagues. The first is your generosity of spirit (50%). This enables you to empathise with a whole range of emotional situations and lend a willing ear to those who need it. The second is your willingness to compromise to avoid conflict developing (39%). This enables you to act as a peacemaker, using diplomacy and discretion rather than bludgeoning your way through. This is an attractive character profile.

Your partner search... You have a generous capacity to ignore the shortcomings of others and to tolerate their eccentricities - even when you find these slightly distasteful! You have no difficulty in submitting your own interests to the greater good of the relationship. And you are able to use your diplomatic skills to act persuasively as a mediator in a whole variety of situations. You should seek a partner who knows how to appreciate the generosity you show in social interaction. Make sure you don't allow yourself to be browbeaten by a more dominant personality, simply because you prefer to avoid disputes wherever you can.

The ideal shape of a relationship for you? Your profile reveals your capacity for love and pleasure. You enjoy life to the full and will expect your partner to share your vivacity and outgoing nature. However, despite this marked capacity for pleasure, your profile also reveals a concern for what is considered socially acceptable. Your exuberance will not permit you to break rules, and you would feel embarrased and upset if other people perceived that you were 'over the top' in anything you said or did.
Your partner search... You might like to consider searching for a woman with a similar combination. Equally, you should think twice before choosing someone with a marked tendency to 'moralise', since this might prove frustrating to your outgoing and spontaneous nature.

Your preferred relationship model As you see in the graph, your test result suggests that you prefer to keep a formal distance between you and your partner. You set great store by maintaining your personal space and not allowing your style to be cramped by close proximity. Too much intimacy causes you to feel anxious. As long as you feel able to trust your partner, you are happy to leave this space between you.
Your partner search... According to your test result, you should be looking for a partner who allows you a degree of personal space. Your test result reveals that you are in something of a minority when it comes to your approach to a relationship. Since there are not as many women in our database who share your sentiment, you might have to display a little patience and openness within a relationship. However, it shouldn't be too difficult to bridge this gap in expectations.

...by the way, my parship-profile has been deleted right after the test... so don't bother seeking me there..,