Dienstag, September 06, 2005

A Doener procure. A service for my english-speaking readers. This translated by my Google-Friends to:

  • A Doener along garlic of sharp sauce and few bulbs - packed up, ask.
  • rausholen [ Doenerbrot and into the press grill crimpings, meanwhile meat of the Spiess cut off. Meanwhile with its colleague or a Turkish guest converse. ]
  • [... in air around look or on the Turkish television program ]
  • mix [ freshly cut off Doener meat with already for a long time lying. Angeknuspertes, pressed bread from squeezing grill get. ] Sauce?
  • Garlic/sharply.
  • lubricate [ sauce in bread... Meat in bread distribute... Salad grip arms take. Me look at. ] Salad completely?
  • Yes, but ask with few bulbs.
  • [ in bread pack salad. ] Gleisch eat?
  • For carrying forward ask. ...
Thus, times foreseen that I resigned meanwhile, I ask myself with times, what for information in: "a Doener with garlic of sharp sauce and few bulbs - packed up, please" to be missing could... Perhaps I play next time a deaf-mute and note it, interpret thereby on my mouth and make schliessbewegungen forwards mean lips. ... On the other hand communication is also important. If I remember, I try to formulate even complete sentences, in order to increase the level. Instead of garlic/sharp, it means then: ", gladly. I take garlic sauce and sharp sauce, ask." Perhaps I should expand still another little...
  • Beautiful good day, the gentleman. Would you be probably friendly so to prepare with a Doener Kebap?
  • to stare [ place at the television ] I would be pleased much, if you would give me excluding freshly cut off meat in my Doener Kebap.
  • Yes, loving gladly. At the dearest one would be me, if you could coat the one side with the koestlichen garlic sauce and the other half with the red, sharp sauce, goes that?
  • Oh, thank you of the demand. My conception of the optimal composition of the salad Ingredienzien would be, if they would use less from the bulbs with the preparation of my meal.
  • Actually I should take this culinary work of art on the place to me. However did I plan to dinieren at home could you the Kebap disguise?
  • Best thanks, I are pleased again and again to buy with you Doener Kebap. Good-bye. I wish you still another lucrative evening.