Montag, November 21, 2005

Psychoweek in Berlin

My oh my...
Berlin is a big city. In some places Berlin is a bad city but in most places Berlin is harmless.
This week somehow my impression shifted a little.
My family and myself have been in a bit of trouble.
- My ma went to the sematary where two guys were eyeing her devilishly for minutes and got lost just when a friend of my ma was joining her... Telling her that there have been some robberies of elder women.
- My sister has been threatened by three kids. They were telling her to push her in front of the underground train if they'ld see her at the station next time.
- I myself was coming home from a party in the early morning on Sunday. I saw a young guy who obviously had problems walking properly. I asked if he needed help. He suspected me to be an undercover cop and was asking me for money. If I would not give him the money, he would draw his gun and make a little fireworks... probably one bullet would be mislead into my head. He was fumbling under his pull-over and drew out his bare hand formed as a gun - laughing and dancing. Well, gladly nothing happened but this was not a good joke to laugh about....

What's up here lately?
Stupidity seems to be on its way to conquer them all.