Dienstag, Juni 06, 2006

Lovely Lovelies

*English-mode* (I switch it on, evertime it's too profound to write in German)
Cheers. Yes, I am happy to say, I am one part of a life partnership and it really took me a long while to achieve it. I have been single for many years, nourishing my inner lovelight only by short sexual encounters, that were not worthy to be pursued. So there was no time for such emotions as insecurity or missing self-confidence - it just did not matter... cause I did not meet them often afterwards.
In a fresh love however there is enough room and time for it. And therefore it is up to every involved part to clear misunderstandings and to cheer up the partner, if he / she is in doubt. This is most important when it comes to sexual attractivenes and suchlike.
And I really have to praise my girlfriend for this.
I mean, I know that I am equipped allright, I guess... well at least good/upper centerfield... but be honest, most of the guys seem to wonder if their instruments are huge enough to fulfill their women's requirements. And now this is what my girlfriend does, to keep me cheerful:
When I walk around the flat on my way to the bathroom, with my little morning-stiffy, she goes "Hey, heeey." as if she is really admiring the outstanding bodypart from the bottom of her heart. Of course, she knows that I know, that there are far bigger thingies and probably better looking ones and she has had one or two (0r more) of them... thus she tells me, that mine has just the right proportion... she tells me, if it was just a bit bigger, then it would be probably be hurting her. I know she lies, but I really appreciate it, and i know it does not cause her a great effort.
Next thing. I am (a bit) overweight... I have no six-pack and by-far not a sexy ass. Nevertheless she keeps telling me names like Knackarsch (german word for sexy ass).
I love it. And I have to tell her sometimes, not now though, cause if I did, she would be calling me that way just because she knows I like it... never mind... but I'm getting complicated.
I really appreciate those little lovely lovelies making small things bigger and big things smaller. Yes, keep me strong, baby... you do a great job. Thank you.